Photo Masking

Replace Unwanted Background of images with Image Masking Services

Does your photograph contain fuzzy and blurry objects in the background? Remove unwanted background and replace it with your preferred one using our image masking services. We assure to improve the quality and appearance of your photograph by applying various effects on your picture.

We have a team of highly skilled graphic designers who are specialized in removing an unwanted background and placing the suitable one in your photograph. Our professionals create a layer of mask on the original image and provide the same image with an original print.

Under the photo masking services, we offer color and contrast adjustment, adding/removing objects to your images, color correction, removing blemishes and flaws, retouching services, and much more through digital photo editing.

Our Expertise

Our team of skilled image editors who excel in offering quality manual image masking services by following industry best standards. Our professionals are well versed with the advanced photo editing tools such as illustration wizards, Adobe Photoshop CS3, CorelDraw, and much more.

We have comprehensive knowledge about the advanced image masking types that enable our experts to facilitate the clients with masking services for highly complex images. The image masking types we use are:

  • Layer Masking

  • Vector Masking

  • Pixel Masking

  • Quick Masking

  • Clipping Mask

  • Gradient Masking

  • Channel Masking

We promise to provide an art that makes our customers happy rather than just simply masked image. We can quickly convert any image into vector masking image as we haveĀ  hands-on experience for it. . Our work simply amazes our clients across the globe. Our another set of image services contains:

  • Colors Adjustment

  • Background Removal

  • Creating Fine Edges

Our Photo Masking Techniques

    • Transparency Masking

      we remove transparent texture or images from the visible background. Our professionals use an eye catchy background on the isolated image to give a new look. We use Photoshop image masking tool to do so.

    • Hair Masking and Fur Masking

      Adobe Photoshop helps in achieving hair and fur masking. This technique helps in gainingĀ  extreme perfection by extracting fine objects from the background of an image. It allows to create masks for translucent or semi-transparent objects, which needs higher precision and accuracy.

    • Alpha Channel Masking

      It is also popular as Raster Masking in Adobe Photoshop. Alpha Channel Masking is applicable for the translucent and semi-translucent images. This technique helps a lot when creating a layer on a particular image needs more efforts and expertise.

    • Collage Masking

      Collage masking erases the background of a photograph. This technique is widely used to create images for catalogues, brochures, and e-commerce websites.

  • Translucent Image Masking

    We use this technique to isolate the image from its backdrop. Translucent image masking also helps in removing some of the undesired pixels from an otherwise usable photograph.

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